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When learning about the system, it would be a good idea to develop an understanding of the page layout.  As of July 2011, the Stream was set up in three primary sections.  A left hand column, center column and right hand column.  This layout may change, but using this example will help you get a feel for learning about page layout.

Left Hand Column of the Stream

Main Stream Column (Center)

Right Hand Column of the Stream

Why did Google retire Google+?


Below is some of what you will find along the righ hand column of the stream (again, the information and layout on Google will change from time to time; it is important for you to visit their website for the most current information):

In your circles: Here you'll see the total number of people you have across all of your circles, along with photos from a subset of those people.

Start a hangout: Hangouts are the perfect way to chill online with the people you know, just like you would if you were sitting right next to them.

Suggestions: This shows people that Google+ thinks you may know. It's an easy way to find and connect with people who may or may not be on Google+ already.

You should also read the Getting Started with the Stream section.


Note: The Fashion Streams website is NOT affiliated with Google in anyway.  This site was developed simply to offer assistance to people who wish to learn about Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, etc.  Please consult directly with the Google website to learn the most current details about their service details.  Again, it is important to note that information and links on this site may be out dated by the time you read them.  Please consult with Google regarding all policies, terms, services, etc.

If you see anything on our website that is outdated, please let us know so that we can make corrections.


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Please let us know your suggestions regarding how to find more information about the Stream.  We would be happy to add more information to this site in order to help others.

Here are a few tips that may help you better understand the system:
  • At the top of your stream, you may see the profile photos of people who're trying to share with you. Hop over to Incoming to see what they're sharing.
  • Let's say you have a lot of stuff in your stream, and you only want to see posts from a particular circle. Just filter your stream.
  • And if you want to see the content that you've posted, you can go to the Posts tab of your profile.
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