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StreamsWelcome to the Fashion Streams website.  When we reference, "fashion streams" we are primarily talking about the Stream system from the Google+ project and how it is relevant to the fashion industry.  If you are familiar with Facebook, you may find similarity between what they currently reference as your "wall".  The "Stream" area on Google allows you to place comments, photos, videos, etc. into a convenient location for all to see.  In addition, others can add to the stream in a similar way that members on Facebook can add to a news feed or wall.

Another website that offers similar features is the Fashion Industry Network.  FIN (Fashion Industry Network) is specific for the clothing and textile industry, in contrast to Google and Facebook that allow members to be from any industry.

Please read below to learn more about the Google+Project as it relates to Streams.

Update January 2019: Google has CLOSED the Google+ social network to the public.  Learn why Google+ closed on the Fashion Blog.

We have removed most of the links from below because they are no longer active pages at Google.  Below is for historical reference regarding the failed Google+ social network project.


The purpose of below is to provide a place for members of the fashion industry to learn about the stream from the Google+ Project.

First, let's figure out the answer to the questions, "What is a stream?".  And no, this is not regarding a river or brook with running water.

As per the Google website, here is a summary (from July 19, 2011).

The stream is the place to have meaningful conversations with the people you care about. It centralizes all the content people have shared with you, as well as the people who are trying to share with you, but who aren't yet in your circles. You might see text posts, pictures, videos, links, or location markers. When you share with people either individually or through a circle, your content will appear in their stream.

Brief Summary that we found for you on the Google site:

"When you first sign in to Google+, you're taken to the stream and shown stuff that all your circles have shared with you. This could be content from people who've shared with you specifically, shared with a circle (or extended circle) you're in, or shared publicly."

Here are a few tips that may help you better understand the system:

  • At the top of your stream, you may see the profile photos of people who're trying to share with you. Hop over to Incoming to see what they're sharing.
  • Let's say you have a lot of stuff in your stream, and you only want to see posts from a particular circle. Just filter your stream.
  • And if you want to see the content that you've posted, you can go to the Posts tab of your profile.

When learning about the system, it would be a good idea to develop an understanding of the page layout.  As of July 2011, the Stream was set up in three primary sections.  A left hand column, center column and right hand column.  This layout may change, but using this example will help you get a feel for learning about page layout.

Left Hand Column of the Stream

Main Stream Column (Center)

Right Hand Column of the Stream

It is important to note that the above details of the stream system is time sensitive.  You should check directly with Google to learn the most current information about their program.  You can learn more about the Stream at the following support page.   

In regard to "Fashion", we feel that the Stream from Google will provide the fashion industry with a another good resource to stay in communication with one another.  As we learn more about how the Stream is properly utilized, we will try to add the information to this website to keep you informed.  Hopefully, we can use this site to make it easier for members of the fashion industry to find each other and communicate via Circles, Streams, Hangouts, Huddles, Sparks and other Google+1 features.

In addition to utilizing Streams, it is important to also keep in contact with one another at places such as the Fashion Industry Network, Facebook, Youtube, etc. 

You can learn more about the Google Plus One Stream at our Join My Circles website.

Please note we will update this website as we receive more information to help your research and understanding of this social networking system.


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Please let us know your suggestions regarding how to find more information about the Stream.  We would be happy to add more information to this site in order to help others.

Note: The Fashion Streams website is NOT affiliated with Google in anyway.  This site was developed simply to offer assistance to people who wish to learn about Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, etc.  Please consult directly with the Google website to learn the most current details about their service details.  Again, it is important to note that information and links on this site may be out dated by the time you read them.  Please consult with Google regarding all policies, terms, services, etc.


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